About the elite 25

The Elite 25 of Colorado Springs represents the top 1% of Colorado Springs Luxury Residential and Residential Real Estate Agents. The Elite 25 is an organization founded by Stewart Title in 1994. Ryan Strubel, Trisha Murphy and Andrew Newland are the managing directors of Elite 25 Colorado Springs. The real estate agents who are selected as Elite 25 members sell luxury homes in the Colorado Springs area. Selection for the current year’s group begins in February and the “Elite 25sm Year” runs from March to the following February (12 months total).

How Do I Apply

Please contact Ryan Strubel at 719-250-3600 or rstrubel@stewart.com to have one emailed directly to you.

Complete the application carefully and make sure it is signed by your broker or office manager to verify your sales volume and the applications accuracy. Membership begins every January and is announced in April of every year.